Flying Sites

RC Club Power Site

This is a field near Dovers Green, Reigate, where club members can fly electric and IC (internal combustion) powered RC up to 7kg.

Flying Times

  • Electric and Free Flight – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10.00am till sunset, Sunday 12.00 till 6pm
  • IC Power – Wednesday and Saturday ONLY between 10am and 6pm


  • The field gate is locked, and must be kept locked while you are flying. If you’d like to see the field and meet some members before joining, we can arrange for someone to meet you at the gate and let you in.
  • Most of the field floods in the winter, although the runway is usually usable. There is a small amount of hard-standing just north of the gate, enough for 2-3 cars. If you don’t mind walking 500m with water up to your ankles, it is possible to fly in the winter.
  • Please do not attempt to drive down the track in Spring until we have sent out a notification that the track is firm enough. Driving when the track is soft causes ruts that dry rock-hard in the summer.
  • There is a micro-light runway between the track and the North edge of the field. Do not drive on this runway as ruts would be dangerous to micro-lights.
  • You may load and unload near the pits but please move your car to the parking area at the end of the track as soon as possible. Don’t leave your car near the pits while you fly. Apparently the majority of claims against BMFA insurance are due to models crashing into parked cars.


  • Pilots should have a BMFA A-certificate, or have passed the club’s “permission to fly solo” test (which is similar but doesn’t require landing gear) to fly unaccompanied.
  • We are lucky enough to be surrounded by fields, but please don’t fly any closer to the road than the line of trees in the middle of the field. This limits the noise for the nearest houses.
  • Do not fly over, or close to, the pits or car park.
  • We have an 87dB noise limit.
  • We have a 7Kg weight limit.
  • When flying, pilots must stand in the pilots’ box
  • The microlight runway hasn’t been used for a few years, but if one circles the field it may be about to land and you should land (on the model runway) as soon as possible.
  • Flying must only take place in the area shown on this map, which is generally to the south of the pilots’ box.
  • The pilots’ box is often not marked on the ground, but is just north of the model runway.

Winter : Hazelwick School Gym

First session of 2023 is thursday 5 January between 8 & 10pm.

Summer : Holy Trinity School Field (map)

During the summer CADMAC meets at Holy Trinity School field on THURSDAY evenings. You can fly free-flight and radio-control (not IC power) on the school playing field.

Flying also takes place on the school playing field Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

Please note that this field is surrounded by houses. To minimise annoyance and risk, we have the following restrictions:

    • No fixed wing model to use more than a 3 cell, 2200maH battery as power source. All up mass not to exceed 1.5kg
    • Models must not fly higher than 100m and must stay within the boundaries of the field.
    • Helicopters must not be larger than ‘500 class’ and must not use a battery larger than 6 cell 2300mAh
    • Models must not be large, heavy, fast or noisy (in the opinion of the committee).
    • Flying Times :
      • Thursday – 18:00 to dusk
      • Saturday – to dusk
      • Sunday – to dusk

Members will be expected to carry their BMFA membership cards whilst at the school so that the school can ensure that only members are flying and that the agreed times are observed.

In the event of a problem, the school caretakers live in the houses near the gate. The phone number of the caretaker on duty is posted on the school office door.

Important notice to all members. The Club has permission to fly at Holy Trinity on Thursday evenings after 6pm ONLY between March and October each year. Our other activities are strictly informal. This included the Saturday and Sunday flying session. Therefore any other activity organised either by the school or an organisation recognised by, and receiving permission from the school to use the facilities, will always take precedence over our use. SAFETY IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY.

We must not fly on the field when any of these activities are either in progress upon our arrival or are planned to start when we are already occupying the site. We must defer in these situations and leave the field area until the other users vacate.

Grattons Park (Map)

Control-line flying takes place here on Sunday mornings, with special meetings on the second Sunday of the month.